Our Services

We offer friendly and professional IT support for the computing technology in your home. This can be with small issues such as your computer running slowly, to helping you select the right equipment (PCs, Networking, Software) and installing it with a plan designed for you. We also offer help with email, documents, spreadsheets, and general PC use. We always listen to you, and explain things in simple, understandable terms. Serving Seattle and the Eastside, we have the skills and tools to help you with your individual requirements.

Services offered include:

  • PC Troubleshooting
  • PC and Equipment Selection
  • PC Setup and Configuration
  • Backup / Security / Anti-Virus
  • Network Setup and Connectivity Issues
  • Software Installation
  • Training on Basic Computer Use
    • PC
    • MAC
    • Tablet
    • Phone
  • Help with basic programs such as:
    • Email
    • Word Processing
    • Spreadsheets
    • Phone/Tablet Apps