PC Troubleshooting

If you are having issues with your computer running slowly, printers not working, or programs not loading, this can be due to a number of issues. We will diagnose your system and make the necessary adjustments to fix the issue.

PC and Equipment Selection

Don't know which computer or what equipment to purchase? We will listen to you to collect your requirements and help you determine what is best for your needs.

PC Setup and Configuration

We can help with the setup, installation, and configuration of your new equipment that you have purchased, or with re-configuring.

Backup / Security / Anti-Virus

We can help you with your Anti-Virus software and make sure your machine running clean. We can also recommend Backup solutions, so you don't loose any of your data.

Network Setup and Connectivity Issues

Having more than one computer makes it a good idea to have a home network. This will allow your machines to share your Internet connection, and possibly other devices such as a printer. If you are having issues with your current network, we can diagnose and correct the problem.

Making it Simple

If you want the most out of your software and machine, we will help. We can teach you how to use your machine, install software, and then how to use your programs, by using terms that will make it simple.